Pseudo​-​seizure III - Postictal State (2011)

by LopezDoNaDo

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This piece belongs to a series called pseudo-seizures. I generated an extensive series of soundsamples based on patients’ descriptions of their auras.


In a nut shell, the following is a prosaic deconstruction of the physiopathology associated with temporo-parietal seizures with aura. In my opinion a knowledge of this biology is fundamental so to empathise with epileptic patients. I highly recommend reading this some-how-non-sense-paragraph before listening … enjoy the music.
“auras – from – 80% of temporal lobe seizures + common feature — simple partial seizures +++ precede complex partial seizures of temporal lobe origin -~ “auditory hallucinations” :: ‘buzzing’ sound – ‘voice or voices’ or muffling or ambient or harsh sounds. ?neocortical temporal lobe epilepsy vs ?other types of temporal lobe epilepsy. ->Following the aura, a temporal lobe complex partial seizure begins ->> wide-eyed ->>> motionless stare ->>>> dilated pupils ->>>>> behavioral arrest, ‘oral alimentary automatisms’ ‘lip smacking + chewing. Manual automatisms too. or unilateral dystonic posturing of my limbs – could be one or more. most auras and automatisms last a very short period—seconds or 1-2 minutes. The postictal phase may last for a longer period (several minutes, perhaps 14.21 minutes). By definition, amnesia occurs during a complex partial seizure because of bilateral hemispheric involvement – so - enjoy your postictal travel.
Yours truly,


released July 22, 2011


all rights reserved



LopezDoNaDo Brisbane, Australia

While studying music theory/composition at the Music Conservatory of Caracas, LopezDonado received his BSc in Electronics Engineering 1997, later, his Ph.D. in artificial intelligence in 2003 and medicine 2010. He has exhibited several sound installations, performed with a number of experimental bands and published over 30 articles and 4 books. He now practice as a musico+medico at Oz. ... more

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